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Stock Market Statistics

We are the only true stock market statistical website, where we work tirelessly on improving and providing better statistical signals.
We are traders who trade our own system so we know what works and what does not.
Imagine next time you place a trade you know what the probability's and stock market statistics are for that particular instrument. We believe that whilst history is no guarantee of future performance, it can provide us a set of rules to help provide some direction to our expectations.

We Deal with Trust

Our company is based on trust and ensuring our clients have the best chance of success they can trading in the minefield of the stock market.

We are Professional

Building statistical probability based trading methods and analyzing data is what we do day in day out.

We deliver our best

Continually work and strive for perfection. In the stock market the job is never done there is always another or better way.

Providing statistics and probabilities to the Stock market.

Looking throughout the history of the stock market we can work out various statistics based on certain reoccurring events that happened throughout the life of a stock. These statistics then provide the probability of a future event occurring.

We don’t do this from a theoretical point of view but rather a practical and tradeable point of view. Our client benefit from this valuable market insight.

Top Trading News

26 Jul 2017

A update on the daily count. This count provides an insight into what stocks are Lower then their historical up/down day count or if the stocks are higher then their historical up/down day count. A quick look we can see that XOP and OIH in the last 365 have had more down days then their … Continue reading "Up Down day counts"

19 May 2017

RSI Spread trade we are looking at stock code FRN and EWA. EWA is currently oversold at 38 and FRN is currently overbought at 80.

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